Our offer

  • gentiana stage III.JPG

    Stage III vitroplantlets

    Stage III vitroplantlets are sold either on rooting media or deflasked, washed and packed in wet paper tissue for easy shipment and handling during aclimatization in greenhouse.

  • microplug Vaccinium.JPG


    Only Vaccinium corymbosum plants are supplied in this size of plug (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5cm). Tray dimensions are 20 x 30cm, 126 plugs per tray.  Our Microplugs are very suitable for international shipping. They are easy to handle and low cost alternative to fragile Stage III plantlets.

  • mp Vaccinium[1].jpg

    Multicell tray

    Fully aclimatized young plants in peat substrate.

    Rhododendron, Vaccinium, raspberry, blackberry and other soft fruit are in mp60 cell tray, 4 trays ( 240 plugs ) per shelve on CC trolley, 2400 plants per trolley, or up to 2880 plants per trolley with extensions.

  • P13 rubus.JPG

    Half-finished product

    Plants in P13 (1Litre) container suitable for planting in bigger pots or directly on field.

    Interesting choice for mail-order companies running their own E-shops and independent Gardencenters.


  • Hanka.jpg

    Finished plant

    These fully finished plants are well-groomed, equipped with big photo label and carefully packed in water-palletes to stay for a long time in good shape and nice looking in your gardencentre!